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The Mask Force is a resource for manufacturing DIY emergency PPE supplies—mainly masks. How many do we need? Millions of masks! Join the distributed assembly line #maskforce.

Join 2000+ people in the mask makers Facebook group.

How can you help?

In times of emergency, the CDC allows production for crisis capacity scenarios.

Homemade supplies are an emergency supply for overwhelmed hospitals and we have to prepare right now for it. While factory capacity is limited, we are building a distributed factory of crafters, DIYers, and organizers across the country. Here's what we need to focus on first:
Surgical masksGownsFace shields
Note: Some hospitals will not accept DIY PPE supplies.

See volunteer list, tutorials, and materials at

Are you a health care provider?

DIY PPE resources to get started.

We've created a simplified list of methods you can use to start manufacturing PPE. These resources were consulted with nurses, tailors, healthcare providers, the Get Us PPE community, the Mask Makers facebook community, and the Helpful Engineering community. We will keep improving this section as new techniques become available.

If you haven't already, donate your existing unopened medical supplies to hospitals in need.

If you have unopened PPE you're not using (Personal Protective Equipment), consider donating to your local healthcare systems or checking Find the Mask's list of hospitals to donate to. They're on the front lines helping COVID-19 patients and need your help. Please know their requests thoroughly before donating.

Don't know where to donate? Here's a list of 350+ organizations in need, organized by state and accepted PPE. Once you plan to deliver, fill out the form below. 🙏

If you have questions, contact Get Us PPE Makers

Thanks for providing us with feedback! Your response will be shared with Mask Force, Get Us PPE Makers, and the people who worked on making your supplies. For any questions contact

Recommended Materials for Masks

We've created a list of doctor-suggested materials to use for DIY mask sewing with research from the Open-Source COVID-19 Medical Supplies (OSCMS) community. Using the correct materials is important! We will keep improving this section as new materials become available.

MaterialApproved ByPurposeWhere can you find it?
100% Cotton (tight weave)This personMask materialFabric store, t-shirts
Non-Woven PP (cross hatch)This personMask materialShopping bags / totes
Bias tape (ribbon)-Mask tieFabric store, internet
Pipe cleaner-Nose bridgeAmazon, craft store
Silver-plated beading wire-Nose bridgeFabric store, internet
Spandex/Stretch FabricNot approvedMask material 
DenimNot approvedMask material 
Elastic (latex)Not approvedMask tie